Ai assistant for professional photographers to select final photos from a photoshoot

CullAi App

Auto Rates Photos by Face Quality

Based on:

  • Bad lighting conditions
  • Out of focus primary subjects
  • Camera shake
  • Closed eyes

Uses Configurable mapping from Ai score to Ratings.

Groups Similar Photos and Auto Picks Best Ones

User Configured Rules and Face Quality of all Important People is considered while Auto Picking Photos in a Group.

As this is a subjective choice you can Manually Flag Photos as Picked, Unflagged & Rejected. Rejected photos are never Auto Picked.

Adjust Grouping Sensitivity

You can adjust Grouping Sensitivity and Grouping Time Gap to influence grouping.

Higher sensitivity will group more photos together which could be less similar.

Filter Bad Quality Photos

Filter out Photos based on Ratings and Flags.

Export, Share and Drag out only Filtered or Selected photos.

Auto Detects Important People

CullAi automatically treats people who appear often in photos as more important. You can override this to indicate which people are more important.

Consider, for example, a wedding in which the bride and groom are more important than one of the guests who may also appear often in the photos.

Edit and Sync Ratings and Labels Metadata

Supports reading and writing both inbuilt and sidecar Metadata.

Helps Sending Auto Ratings to your Favorite App.

Drag and Drop

Drag In and Drag Out Photos to and from Other Apps Like Finder, Lr, Lrc, Apple Photos etc.

Keyboard Shortcots


Shortcuts, so you can sprint through all photo groups quickly

RAW Support


Support for formats supported by host MacOS version

Sharing Support


Final selected photos to compatible Apple Share Apps and Services

Featured In

star star star star star

Its not what you think it is, its better

The real problem with this software, is that theres never been anything like it before. This is no rival for other like Adobre Bridge or Photomechanic, and it doesnt need to be one.

—by Vega CosPhoto, Apple App Store Mexico
star star star star empty star

Best Cull "IA" app I have yet tried

Does a very good job of selecting the most valuable photo in a folder. This is the core technology that makes it a promising app. Developer has already noted valuable future features. Can't wait.

—by LarsMacmini, Apple App Store United States


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